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Customer Care

Rhonda Richards joined the Rachael Richards Group in 2008 to assist Rachael, her daughter. Rhonda gained her experience in Southern California as a Residential Real Estate Specialist for 17 years, and was known for her excellent service and short sale expertise. Rhonda was consistently among the top 3% in real estate sales in Southern California and the nation. In 1997, she retired and moved with her husband, Ron, to Missouri, their home state. When Rachael entered the real estate business, Rhonda served as a consultant and encouraged her to grow her business through hard work and exceptional customer service. As the Rachael Richards Group grew, Rhonda stepped in as the Marketing Director and Short Sale Specialist.

Inspiration is a “two way street” between Rhonda and Rachael. Their collaboration is exceptional and this mother/daughter team has discussions several times a day regarding ideas, market conditions and how to continually better serve their clients.

Rhonda’s husband, Ron, retired from the United States Marine Corps as a fighter pilot, and Rhonda has experienced living in many parts of the United States and other countries. Her favorite outside interest is spending time with her children and grandchildren.

Fun Facts

What’s one thing about you that surprises people?

My upbringing on a very old fashion farm. Milking cows, raising pigs, and no indoor plumbing.

What would you love to find at a yard sale?

A painting from a famous painter.

How would you describe your job to your great-great-grandparents?

My job is to listen to our clients and to make sure they get the best service ever. It is to promote The Rachael Richards Group as the best real estate team in the Phoenix area.


Phone: 480.270.5780
Email: rhonda@rachaelrichards.com